LAYERS proposes to take the comfort and security of being wrapped up in a blanket or duvet and playfully recreates it as a navigable experience, introducing layers of different textures, thicknesses and transparencies to recreate a feeling of protective enclosure.   A simple metal frame mounted to the existing sled will create a large scale ‘wardrobe’, where the different layers can be pulled closer or further apart by the user so as to change the quality of the small in-between spaces. The layers remain exposed from all sides, enabling users to access the installation from all sides, sliding the layers of fabric, or pushing them to one side to explore the depth of the piece. The layers themselves will consist of a variety of natural and synthetic fibers of varying thicknesses and colours which will create a unique environment to navigate whilst also providing a visual spectacle from the exterior.
Layers would dramatically vary in thickness, from just a few millimetres to a substantial thickness to emulate the comfort of a home duvet. 
Some layers would have zipped apertures to aid navigation, in a range of different doorways or other regular geometries. 
Rubber/neoprene/silicone composites can be used in varying gauges in combination with natural woven materials 
Layers could be parted manually so users could travel through the depth of the installation of fabrics. 
Some layers could have a translucent quality, to contrast with surrounding opaque and more ‘dense’ layers.
 Others could have a black-out quality, to obscure all light and shroud the user in complete darkness. 


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