Silent Memory was a collaboration with artist Alison Atkins, creating a series of unique timber lattice structures that would be able to hold family photographs contributed by the public. The exhibition, "Who do you think they are?" was on show between March and April 2017, at the Forum Library, Norwich.
The structures were designed as an abstraction of a tree, linking to the idea of family connections and the more literal idea of a family tree. Each lattice was unique, at varying heights mounted to a custom base that lit them from within, revealing shadows of intricate forms in the exhibition space. 
Richard Fair, Events & Technology Manager at The Forum said: “This is going be a fascinating exhibition. I love looking at old photographs and searching for clues to try and establish more information about the people and their location. I can’t wait to see what visitors bring in to add to our memorial.”
The exhibition is presented by The Forum in partnership with Let’s Talk magazine, Age UK Norwich and the Norfolk Heritage Centre at the Millennium Library.


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