Brand design and development for the first HAVAGO festival, held at the Forum in Summer 2014, created by Alison Atkins and Cordelia Spalding. Commission included logo development, event posters as well as pre-launch advertising material including web design. The event had a distinctly unique feel and the branding was designed to reflect that, creating a vibrant visual spectacle, very much like the vent itself!
"The HAVAGO festival is a unique and free opportunity for visitors to 'have a go' at a variety of creative skills, and meet with some of Norfok's most fantastic Artists and Creatives....TAKE YOUR PICK from making, painting, dancing, Banjo playing, printing, singing....the list goes on! FOR A FULL TWO DAYS the Forum will be CRAMMED full, both inside and out, with creative practitioners from all over Norfolk. Showcasing and promoting their work, and on hand throughout, they are there to share their passion with the public...LETTING YOU HAVAGO!"
Event poster welcoming visitors to the event and showing how the festival works.
Event poster explaining the layout of the festival HAVAGO 'stations'.
Pre-launch promotional flyer (A5)


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