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The projects delivers a programme centred around eco effective production, whilst stimulating a community to reconnect with the rich industrial past that created it. Cloth to Cloth aimed to present a realistic solution to true sustainable industry in a contemporary context.
Production will form the core of the scheme, where production of fabric from raw material to finished product will be completed in-house. The key principle behind such production is the idea of a ‘closed loop’ system, whereby the biological nutrients that make up the product are constantly regenerated within the system - either placed back into the soil or immediately recycled back into the same production line.
Industrial buildings do not typically place much emphasis on the facade beyond a practical, weatherproof skin. Aesthetic considerations are small as more often than not these structures exist with their own context of the ‘industrial estate’. Cloth to cloth will not become a separate entity, instead it intends to be fully integrated within the community. A key way of externally reflecting this is through the facade, an essential factor of bridging the gap between the internal and external, whilst also taking into consideration the sustainable core of the scheme’s ethos.


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