Modern day life occupies more than just physical space. Beneath the surface lies an intricately connected and unseen network of technologies and services that allow us to access, consume and create information and communicate on an ever growing scale. This project is about creating a scheme that takes these unseen resources and allows them to exist in a tangible space where they can be used to solve real world problems, bringing together new technology and different people in pursuit of innovation. 
The hidden nature of London’s canals is remnant of the invisible networks that are now intrinsic to all of our lives. Social networking, mobile media and the internet itself are all vast and unseen networks. We use these every day to transfer and share data about every aspect of who we are what we do. This invisible and vital infrastructure is in many ways the modern day canal. 
The canal could be used as an extension of the scheme’s intentions, transforming what was once a very practical and vital transport system for the city into a contemporary method of extending technology beyond the limits of an office or studio. Indeed the canal itself could become a working office through the boats that travel on it, perhaps transforming canal long boats into working Headquarters for new businesses. This quirky and constantly changing setting could attract new creative talents to come and share and develop their ideas.


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